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Retail Account Manager

Job Description
The local team for Senturion is hiring a Retail Account Manager (RAM). Select RAMs will participate in our highly acclaimed Management Training Program. 


The (3PL) retail services industry is a billion dollar playing field. The clients we represent are the very biggest and best companies in the biggest industries. These industries include telecom/ wireless services, cable and satellite communications, and emerging technology. These are the fastest growing and biggest industries on the stock market and working in them means we grow aggressively to meet the demand. As we grow, positions in leadership and management open up in many departments, including human resources, finance and sales/ marketing. 


We encourage you to apply if you have experience in:


  • Retail sales 

  • Banking 

  • Restaurant/ Foodservices/ Bartending 

  • Team leadership/ supervisory experience 

  • Military service 

  • Professional, Semi-pro, Division 1 athletics 

  • A 4 year degree is preferred but not required 

  • Any leadership roles 


Senturion offers:


  • Hourly/ Commission pay schedule 

  • Full Paid training 

  • Weekly commissions paid with no cap 

  • Paid sick leave 

  • Medical/ Dental/ Life Insurance programs 

  • National and international travel opportunities 


Senturion has seen unprecedented growth in the last 2 years. Three new branch locations are now slated for launch by Q3 2019. Senturion routinely selects qualified candidates for internal management training. 


Opportunities to grow are available in human resources, finance, general management, and the executive office as Senturion expands nationally and internationally.


Job Requirements

Senturion’s cutting-edge approach to retail marketing relies on a face-to-face approach. Whether it is customer service or sales and marketing, Senturion’s unique brand of representation gives a personal touch to a direct link between a client and their customers.


Our focus is simple – we provide a friendliest face, a professional attitude, and a firm handshake on behalf of our clients. Our continuous results demonstrate our ability to increase revenue while maintaining current customer relations and quality for our clients.


We build a personal relationship with our clients’ customers that cannot be achieved over the phone or through digital media. We offer our clients guaranteed growth and the opportunity to work with a confident partner.





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